Control Your Blinds with the Click of a Button from

the Comfort of Your Couch


MB Automation

Stop Getting Up and Exerting Effort to Change the Position of Your Window Coverings


The worst thing about blinds or window coverings is the annoying aspect of having to get up and exert effort to either raise or lower them or change their position. Say goodbye to those days, folks. Automation has rendered those days obsolete and you’re the benefactor.


MB 2 Automation

Use Your Smartphone to Set Individual Blinds or Shades to Open or Close at Set Times or Bunch Them as a Group for Even Easier Management


Ancient human civilizations used the passing of the sun through different parts of the day to keep track of time. Thanks to their ingenuity we can now apply their historic knowledge to the window coverings in our homes for complete convenience. Set your shades or blinds to open or close at specific times in the day to either keep your home cool in the summer or warm in the winter while you’re out at work. Doing so will cut down on your heating and electricity costs and ensure you arrive home to the ideal climate of your choosing. Simply preprogram your desired settings in the app and away you go.